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tumblr_nwi7xsIvSx1ufl0abo1_1280The human heart – vile thing  – grovels to the most minor act of affection thereby rendering its possessor a most putrid creature, in my mind at least. A self-destructive ornament, an emotional machine. A store room for wounding thoughts, noxious memories, and ominous reminders.  It is of a retentive nature – releasing pieces of pain without hesitation – and in an untimely manner. It makes everything mean…anything. Without control, it is weak.

“Look at this scar. Hurt. Break.”

“Do you recall those malicious words that ripped through you?”

“Tell them of the agony that you’ve faced – where all shows of tenderness were lost and misery was mocked.”

“Hurt me. More.”

Don’t you see, child? It will cast the darkest shadow over your eyes – blind you, it won’t. Ruin you? Maybe. Your own sense of perfection and attachment become blurred because you’re a vessel of milky mess filled with everything absent of necessity. Poison resonates well with you because your half-witted heart requires everything in excess of necessity. Laughable. Your emotional reasoning is mere trivia because it omits control.

“Secure your mind’s own compliance by controlling your thoughts and desires.”

Strengthen your control system – the mind. A creator of vigor through exorbitant reasoning – however, a wisdom-producing mechanism to curb the incessant droning of our emotional factories. The great creator of exceptionally relative truth. When one fails to master control of self first, the mind becomes an unruly vessel; rationalizing self-destruction, accompanying our demise. In this way, we ruin ourselves – naivety and bare lunacy. The rawest and most natural form of an absolute imbecile, you will become.

We choose to see good and find meaning where none exists. See, your weak mind and rancid heart are aids in your destruction – contributors to the hatred geared towards devastating a once pure-enough soul. You feel too much and attach importance to it which creates a completely unfounded sense of entitlement. You mean nothing. Learn control and know yourself.

Understand how little you mean to the world and recognize your nothingness.


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